Things I’m Loving

Things I’m Loving

The past week has been about 80% shit.  Some stuff happened on the weekend, work is busy, and Sam’s truck broke down.  Not really that bad — but it has been a stressful and emotional week.

My reaction to this week has been to be a complete bitch to all the people I love.  I’ve been sullen, selfish, and not a very likable wife and mom.  Yesterday, I decided to try to focus on the positive things in my life.  The little things I love that make the day wonderful; there is almost always something sunny on a cloudy day.

So here we are, the tiny wonderful things that occurred on a Wednesday:

coffee in a Shakespeare mug

Office art created by Hope

Having lunch with Sam.  I told him I wanted to take a picture for “the blog” and this is his more than thrilled expression.

My sweet girl doing her homework

Silly cereal face

Talking to duckie

Sweet Potato Fries!!!

Reading Jane Eyre in the baby room while rocking Atticus to sleep

That one, semi-clean space on Hope’s floor


Baking bread

There we are, all the happy little moments in one place.  All in all yesterday was a good day and I’m sure those other horrid days wouldn’t have been quite so bad if I had thought about all my blessings.


Things I’m Loving

I had something I wanted to write about and then it left my brain.  Taking inspiration from one of my favorite blogs, Honey and Jam, I decided to talk about things I’m loving right now.

Coffee is giving me heartburn, so I’ve turned to Hot Cocoa for my daily coziness fix.  (photo credit)

Jigsaw puzzles!  We’re nearly done with this difficult hidden image puzzle of owls.  I’ll take a picture of the puzzle when it is complete.

Baby stuff!  We had another baby shower on Monday and have been working hard at getting the nursery ready.

MST3K!  We’ve been getting the episodes from Netflix and watching about one a week.  Great fun.

Scarves!  The season is growing close and I’m craving this ModCloth scarf.

Well there you go!  Things I’m loving.  What are you loving?