Introducing Yarnvember (a little bit late)


Image used with permission from the best Yarn/Cat Instagram account around, MyMarvelousFlight

Oh hai! Look at this little draft of a post started in October. See I was going to do this big crocheting and knitting thing in November. 13 days into November and I’m finally posted. Best laid plans and all that.

I am trying to focus on knitting and crocheting more. It relaxes me and ups the cozy factor. My goal for the rest of the month is to post on Instagram at least one photo update a day. Even if it is only one row. Even if it is just making a center-pull ball. Even if I just decide to naked dive into my yarn stash. Okay, maybe not the last one.

What have I accomplished? I wove in the ends, washed, and blocked five washcloths I’m mailing to a friend tomorrow. Currently, I’m twelve rows into a dishcloth for a dear friend. Up next, finishing Sam’s scarf for Christmas and then two baby blankets. Baby blanket number one will be Charlie Brown themed with a pattern like this but mostly in yellow with a wee bit of black. The next baby blanket will be this pattern, but with deep lavender, gray, and mustard yellow.

Now, time to go play in some yarn.

Works in Progress: 9 September 2015

works in progress


Babies. Babies everywhere. NO, not me… but everyone else is procreating. This translates into a very busy yarn season (oh, embroidery… I miss thee). I am nearly done with one baby blanket for pregnant friend #1. I have five rounds left, weaving in the ends, and then trying to soften the yarn and blocking. My goal is complete this blanket by tomorrow night. Then I have 21 washcloths to complete to make my ABC alphabet cloth set. That is headed to pregnant friend #2. I have a goal to have that done by 10/15. Then there is a “themed” blanket that must be done by 11/15 for pregnant friend #3. Pregnant friend #4 will get her blanket by 12/15. If I timed everything right babies will have blankies four to eight weeks after they are born. Fingers crossed. Then it is on to the Christmas stitching … and baby things for my friends due in January and February.

But first let’s take a look at blanket for friend #1:

tonyablanketI spent a solid hour on Monday wandering around the yarn shop and trying to yarn. I wanted to do the border in one of the colors in this variegated yarn. Everything clashed. The yellow is bright, cheerful, and looks nice with the other colors. #winning

Upcoming Projects

  1. I’m going to a craft fair this weekend and that is pretty exciting!
  2. I’m getting together some autumn-themed Pinterest inspiration for Trish’s upcoming Pin-it and Do-it challenge.
  3. Nanowrimo. Provided we don’t have a tot with a 9-day stomach flu (that happened last year) I will be participating.

On to the projects!!!

Works In Progress: 03 June 2015

works in progress
I’ve been yarning it up lately. Over my staycation I finished up a heart patterned dishcloth. I made it for the sweetest lady at the university who retired last week. She made Atticus and Persy Jane baby quilts and I wanted to make her something before she goes off on her planned adventures in travel, gardening, and reading. Of course I forgot to take a picture, but here is the pattern. Here it is in progress:


I’m still stitching away at Sam’s scarf, but I’m ready to pick up something new as well. Jo-Ann was having a sale and I had a 20% off coupon so I went yarn shopping. I spent only $26 for about $60 worth of yarn.


I bought some nice cotton yarn to make baby washcloths for a friend who is expecting a baby this autumn. I want to make alphabet washcloths, to be exact 26 washcloths (one for each letter). Hand knit/crochet washcloths are so much more durable and whip up pretty quickly. Here are the washcloth patterns. Below are two of the skeins of yarn I purchased at Jo~Ann, but I plan to do several colors.


I also picked up four big skeins of funky looking yarn to make a blanket for ME. Novel idea, right? I still need to pick out a pattern, but I’m thinking a ripple or bobble blanket would work. Crocheted. It will be a long time before I attempt knitting a blanket again. Crochet is just quicker.


My life isn’t all yarn right now. I’m itching to pick-up some embroidery. I thought about making something like this for Father’s Day, but on heavy paper. My first attempt at tracing the kids’ hands was a bust. I’m thinking I might get each of them to draw/write a message for Daddy and then stitch that up. Sam’s birthday is in September so if I don’t finish by mid-June (ahem) then it can easily be a birthday gift.

As always, let me know what your working on in the comments!

Works in Progress: 14 January 2015

works in progressJust popping in to say I am almost done with the rainbow blanket. Atticus is thrilled. So far it is measuring slightly over 3 feet x 3 feet and my goal is for it to be closer to 4×4. One last skein of rainbow yarn and then a half-skein of black.

I originally thought that this blanket would one Atticus would grow up with, take to college, and use in his first apartment. The plan was for the blanket to have alternating rounds with more muted shades of red, green, yellow, orange, blue, and gray. However, when a four old requests a blanket that looks like rainbows he means RAINBOWS.

This will be a smaller blanket for TV time and snuggling with lovies and books. I’ll make that more dignified blanket when young sir hits double digits.


GOAL: Finish blanket by Sunday night.

5 Things I Loved About This Week: 10 January 2015


1. Back to Work: Yup. You read that correctly; I am glad to be back at work. Well, at least for the moment. Christmas break was wonderful, but I was starting to miss the order and routine of the work week and the kids were getting cagey. The transition back to early mornings getting ready to leave and getting in the grove having a functioning brain when I get to work at 7:30am went relatively well with minimal tantrums. In fact, I think I only pitched a fit once or twice.

2. This Girl:


A few weeks ago Hope was upset about some typical high school issues. It was a situation where all I could do is be there for her and tell her how much she means to me. I asked what would help and Hope asked if we could set aside some time once a week for us to hangout and chat (sans Dad and siblings). Absolutely. Tuesday night we went shopping to pick up warm running clothes for track and then spent an hour over coffee laughing and talking. It was so much fun and this is certainly a weekly tradition.

3. Coffee: To be specific my coffee percolator. This is fast becoming my favorite Christmas gift. Mama had a percolator when I was a child and I love the whoosh-thud sound it makes as it brews coffee. The resulting coffee is rich, extremely hot, and delicious. Combine that with the vessel travel mug Sam gifted me and I’m enjoying hot coffee pretty much all the time.

4. Friends: Thursday night I had a marvelous time with my knitting knerds group. Friday I was off work adn spent the day with my good friend Melissa. We had divine Thai noodle soup, coffee, and watched The Woman in Black 2. I am so happy I have so many kindred spirits to count as friends.

5. Yarn: I crochet at meetings, I crochet in the evenings, I wrap warm scarves around my neck and drape blankets across my lap. January is cold. Yarn is warm. Cold Days + Yarn = cozy.

Tell me, folks, what are you loving about this week?

Works in Progress: 7 January 2015

works in progress

Completed Projects:

I accomplished so much over the Christmas holiday although it was at the expense of Fig and Thistle. I thought I’d share what I accomplished.

Persy’s blanket is finally finished. She opened up first things Christmas morning and very politely dropped it beside her into a pile. ERGH. Her blanket (that she doesn’t give two craps for) is now at school and she cuddles up with it at nap. I know it is only a blankie, but it took me forever to stitch partly because she wanted it every time I got it out.

wpid-wp-1420658183848.jpegwpid-wp-1420658040290.jpegI also crocheted five cowls for teachers. After working on the same knitting project for two years it was nice to crochet up some quick projects.

rainbowblankieCurrently I’m hard at work on Atticus’s rainbow granny square blanket. My goal is to have it done by the 15th of this month.

In addition to my yarn endeavors, I spent the holidays baking and sending out a massive amount of Christmas cards. I love Christmas cards, but I really need to get a better planning system in place for sending them off in time.

What’s Up Next:

I’ve thought of a good way to plan my projects out for the year. Instead of making a giant list (which I soon forget about) or a monthly list (which leaves me no time), I’ve decided to come up with project ideas in four month blocks: January – April, May – August, and then September – December. September – December will be all holiday gifts; I’ve learned that I need to allow at least that much time to get everything completed for the holidays.

Project Goals for January – April:


Complete Atticus’s rainbow blanket

Scarf for Sam

A granny stripe hat for Peapie

A grey cowl for Hope

Gobs of dishcloths

Embroidery and Sewing:

Baby bibs for at least two spring babies

Name wall-hangings for the kids’ rooms

PJ pants

Other projects:

Focus on sending birthday cards to dear friends and happy snail mail

Make non-shitty valentine cards for my kids’ classes

FINALLY hang up some photos of my adorable kids.

FINALLY make family and wedding photobooks.

Plan Persy’s second birthday party

Brew water kefir

Host book blogger swap (details coming up soon)

This is only a list of ideas. I know that things may change as the months go by, but at least it is a happy and inspiring start to the year.

Works in Progress: Making Plans

works in progress

Remember this over-zealous project plan? Ha! I have completed nary a project on that list. I don’t feel too badly, because that this was designed when we weren’t planning on moving until the next year. I may have given up on knitting, stitching, and crafting, but I accomplished so much more. I held a ginormous yard sale, sold all my appliances, cleaned out the entire basement and all the closets, culled 450 books, organized my recipes and cookbooks, and created memory boxes for each kid with every little memento filed away. I did all of this while working, transitioning kids to new schools/classes, and handling Sam moving to part-time work. I feel like I need a medal, a vacation, or both. At the very least a cookie. Yes, a cookie….

I digress.

Anyhoo. Let’s move on to Autumn Projects. I’m documenting here so I can laugh at myself in a few months and marvel that I every thought I could get stuff done. Onward!


–Persy’s blanket: I am literally only 20 rows away from finishing Persy Jane’s blanket. If I don’t finish by September 1st I’m throwing it the back of my closet and I’ll finish it for some future grandkid.

–Stitches embroidery project: I cannot decide if I like or hate this project (no pics, cause its a surprise for someone). If it isn’t done by the end of the month I’m putting it away. I’m just sick of it. Probably because I started it when I was pregnant with Atticus FOUR YEARS AGO.

–Atticus’s granny square blanket: Atticus is in a toddler bed, but will soon be in a “big boy” bed. This is a Christmas gift for little man so I need to get to cracking on it. It should whip-up fairly easily.
–Atticus’s Christmas stocking: I’m nearly done with his embroidery on this stocking.
–Halloween costumes: I haven’t blogged about this, but Sam and I have some grim financial times ahead of us (at least until January). Hence we are making Halloween costumes and by making I mean with stuff we already have. There will be no trips to JoAnn’s for supplies. Maybe we could all dress up as the working poor!? (oh wait, not a costume).
–Atticus’s Fourth Birthday Party: There will be a Hulk pinata (homemade) and that is awesome.

–Knitted Scarf: Xmas gift
–Knitted Cowl: Xmas gift
–Persy’s stocking: I need to embroider her stocking — the entire thing. I haven’t even cut out the stocking yet!
–Finish Stockings: Line and sew the three kids’ stockings.

I think this is all doable. I may be cash poor, but I  have time, yarn, and thread and that makes me happy.