Bloggiesta and Sprucing up the Joint

I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes over here. I’m working on sprucing up Fig and ThistleBloggiesta-MiniJu18 with a new layout and a bevy of new Canva images for my posts. I’m participating in Summer Bloggiesta this weekend, but my to-do list is a big lighter. Here’s what I’d like to accomplish this weekend:

  • Work on categorizing posts from 1 January 2016 to now.
  • Also work on tags.
  • Develop my July calendar
  • Create any needed images for the remainder of June

I’m really digging my new blog layout. It is clean, but very visual. Let me know what you think. Below is a collage of the new feature images I created:

I have some more I’m saving for the autumn and winter months. I really like how this gives me something to tie my writing back to. It keeps me focused and, hey, these suckers were fun to make!

Spring Bloggiesta Time!

Bloggiesta-S15Time to spruce up the blog! A few weeks ago I set up a schedule of sorts for my blog; it isn’t set in stone, but it is to help me when I am stuck and need to write. I find I have to manage my blog time very carefully (I blog like an old lady drives). There are so many other things I’d like to do to make Fig and Thistle shine.

  • Update my badges on my sidebar
  • Figure out / Design a badge for Food Friday
  • Dust off the Fig and Thistle Facebook page and figure out what I want to do with that space
  • Gear-up for some Readathon posts and plans
  • Spend at least an hour or so visiting other folks online or participating in twitter chatter
  • Make a decision on the Fig and Thistle swaps and prepare accordingly.

Let me know if you’ll be participating. I’d love to here your suggestions and to see your spiffy blog!


First, on a non-bloggiesta note, I went back to work today after three months of maternity leave.  I missed Atticus, but I didn’t cry once.  I’m getting back into the swing of things (working, taking care of kids, having time for my husband and books, lol) so I’m a bit late signing up for Bloggiesta.

In fact it seems like many folks participating in this blog-sprucing-up event are doing tons of maintenance work.  My goals are much more simple and I’ve listed them in order:

  1. Spend 5 – 7 hours working on my blog this weekend
  2. Come up with a rough schedule of things I want to write about for the next few weeks DONE!
  3. Fiddle with the template (but don’t spend more than 30 minutes on it!!!) DONE! I spent WAY too much time working on my header!
  4. Write at least 5 to 7 posts for rainy days
  5. Fix some of my tagging inconsistencies

Alright.  I’m off to spend my first hour on Bloggiesta.  I’ll update sometime tomorrow!