Arcade Fire!

Last night I took Hope to her very first concert, The Arcade Fire at Verizon Amphitheater.  We had a wonderful time.  As usual, the energy was fantastic and the band truly put on a vivacious show.

Spoon opened up for Arcade Fire.  I enjoy Spoon, but they don’t send me to frantic heights of giddiness as do the Arcade Fire.  In fact, I can tell you very little about Spoon because we showed up slightly late and Hope was asking me a million questions about the band, the instruments, the concert, the people around us…. everything.

After the intermission, Hope and I waited with bated breath for the beginning of the concert.  The band started with one of my favorite songs — “Ready to Go” — from their new album The Suburbs.  Alas, despite our fairly good seats we couldn’t see as everyone was standing.  For some reason, the Amphitheater didn’t turn on the big side screens so that everyone could see.

I managed to jump around, sing, clamp, and act foolish for about the first 3 or 4 songs.  Then the fact I’m in my third trimester and that I had been up since 5 a.m. and worked all day knocked the wind out of me.  Actually, it was more because Atticus was dancing along and he can pack quite a punch.  So I had to sit the remainder of the concert (although I will say I chair danced with wild abandon).

Then the pot cloud descended and I felt like I should move the kid to a less groovy environment.  I totally pulled the pregnant lady card and got two seats in the handicap section that were pot free and we could see the show.  During this moving about and getting settled I missed about 3 songs and that bummed me out.

Once Hope and I were for real settled we completely rocked.  I didn’t take many pictures as I was completely in the moment.  Hope sang and clapped and smiled and was generally excited.

The best moment of the concert was the last encore song, “Wake Up” from their Funeral album.  Hope threw her head back, opened her mouth, and sang with all her might all the while her eyes completely radiant.  It was one of the most beautiful and perfect moments I’ve had with Hope.  She was simply joyous.

Much like the Neon Bible tour concert in 2007, the energy was amazing and it was truly an awesome experience.


  1. OMGI’mjealous!!! But oh so happy for the two of you😀 Sounds like a fantastic night!! So glad that you and your daughter have that memory together now. Sounds like she had a great time too!

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