Vegan Food for the win!

In early May I set two goals:  one, to eat a vegan meal at least once a week and two, to work on assembling my clothing for the summer months.  I’ll focus on the clothing situation in another post, but I’d like to update you all with my foray into vegan food.

As many of you already know, I’m certainly not a vegan (i love bacon) but I wanted to eat more vegan meals because:

  1. I love veggie based meals!
  2. The farmer’s market is in full-swing
  3. I’m broke and meat is way too fucking expensive
  4. I’m currently dairy-free since I’m nursing and Atticus has a dairy-intolerance
  5. I’m utterly bored with meat/starch/generic veggie for dinner every night
I have to say that the project was a success.  My goal was to eat one vegan meal a week and I managed to make vegan meals for THE ENTIRE FAMILY at least twice a week.  I’d like to share some highlights and a new favorite recipe:
Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Chana Masala with Curried Couscous

Rosemary Squash and Potatoes

"White" Pizza with Asparagus, Basil, Spinach, and Sundried Tomatoes

The recipe above is my new favorite and it is so super easy.

  1. Take your favorite pizza dough recipe (I used the olive oil recipe from Artisan Bread in 5-Minutes a Day) and follow all the pizza cooking instructions with said dough.
  2. In a blender, zap 1/2 a block of silken tofu and a teaspoon of salt (next time I might try adding some basil or other herbs.  This makes your “white” sauce.
  3. Smear on the tofu concoction and top with favorite veggies.
  4. Cook until is reaches your favorite level of doneness.  I like my pizza dough doughy and my veggies NOT cooked to death.
I’m making this for dinner tonight with different toppings:  spinach and summer squash.  YUM!!!
I’m focusing on keeping up this habit.  On Saturday’s we have farmer’s market veggies and homemade bread and Sunday is vegan pizza night.  In the fall and winter I’ll replace the fresh-cut veggies on Saturday with a soup.
Now — on to my June goal — DRINKING 72 OUNCES OF WATER A DAY!
I’m not too bad with drinking water.  I’d say I already consume about 48 ounces of water a day.  But Georgia summers are so damn hot and by golly I’ve got a milk supply to keep up.  I have a bad-ass reusable water bottle and I’m keeping track of my water each day in a teeny notebook.  Increasing my water intake will also help me reduce the amount of other liquids I take in (hello sweet tea and coffee) and this is a good thing.  Alright, time to drink more water!!!

Snow Day 2011

I snapped a few pics of how our snow day went.  Sam was home from work and Hope was home from school.  Alas, Hope didn’t get to go out and play in the snow.  She woke up this morning with an upset tummy and seemed pale.  I’m of the old school mothering stock; if you are sick you must have blankets piled on you and eat soup.  End. of. story.  Despite our lack of snowmen and snowballs, today was a wonderful day with the family.

This is what 8am looked like:

I spent the early morning hours writing letters and drinking Earl Grey:

Then I went out in my teapot pajamas and bright blue boots to feed the birds:

I had some tummy time with Atticus the Drooler:

Meanwhile, Hope was camped out.  We rolled the tv stand into her room and she watched The Two Towers AND Return of the King:

Then I made a reading nest — tea, Tolstoy, and my favorite blanket:

Then I made a huge pot of soup:

Hope was going to spend her evening reading The Hobbit, but she conked out the minute her head hit the pillow:

I realize I didn’t take any pictures of what Sam was up to, but when he wasn’t holding the baby he was 1). watching anime on the laptop or 2). playing video games.  He is kinda sick of me hovering with the camera, so if he isn’t holding a kiddo I don’t take his picture.  Also, I didn’t photograph the laundry or the baby crapping up the back of his pajamas.  You can thank me later.

Tomorrow is another snow day:  no work and no school!



The past two days have really been delightful:  I’ve had time with Sam and the kids, baked and cooked, spent time with family, and had a marvelous time hanging out with one of my best buds in the world:

Both of my babies cuddling on the couch….

Sausage Cheese Balls…

Ginger Molasses Cookies…

Catherine’s family came by for a visit.  Catherine had some quality baby holding time!  Also, we stayed up late (I didn’t go to bed until almost 3 am) watching MST3K, chatting, giggling, and eating far too many cookies!

baby feet…

Hope, Julie, Sam’s Grandpoppa, and Atticus….

Aunt Diane loving the baby to pieces…

Five generations – my mom, my granddaddy, my great-grandmother, me, and Atticus.

I’m so thankful for my kids, my friends, my family, and quiet days at home to do things I love (like preparing for the holidays, baking, and reading).  Today I wasn’t able to snap a picture of who I’m most thankful for… Sam.  We were so busy trading off baby holding and kid supervising, I wasn’t able to snap a picture.  He makes me so very happy and I’m a very lucky woman to have nabbed him.  He, as my grandmother would say, “is a catch.”

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with people you love!